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Board of Licensure and Certification of Fee-Based Pastoral Counselors

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Pastoral Counselors
Laws and Regulations

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Kentucky Revised Statutes
KRS 335.600 Purpose of KRS 335.600 to 335.699 and KRS 506.
KRS 335.605 Definitions for KRS 335.600 to 335.699.
KRS 335.610 Kentucky Board of Licensure for Pastoral Counselors.
KRS 335.615 Powers and duties of board.
KRS 335.620 Application for licensure -- Conversion of certificate to license.
KRS 335.625 Renewal of licensure.
KRS 335.630 Use of title "Kentucky Licensed Pastoral Counselor" -- Construction of KRS 335.600 to 335.699.
KRS 335.635 Written complaint of violation -- Investigation -- Hearing -- Appeal.
KRS 335.640 Reinstatement.
KRS 335.645 Immunity from personal liability.
KRS 335.650 Disposition of fees and other moneys.
KRS 335.699 Penalties and sanctions for violations.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations
201 KAR 38:010 Definitions for 201 KAR Chapter 38.
201 KAR 38:020 Application.
201 KAR 38:030 Equivalent course of study.
201 KAR 38:040 Fees.
201 KAR 38:060 Code of ethics.
201 KAR 38:070 Renewal of licenses and continuing education.